Interior Designing As a Career

If you love interior design and decorating, you may wish to consider a career as an interior designer in London. Interior designers in London plan and supervise the design and decoration of the inside of buildings such as private homes, offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.

To work in interior design in London, you will need a high level of design skill, which means you must have completed a design-related higher national diploma (HND), foundation degree or degree. Entry requirements for these courses vary, so you should check with admissions tutors directly.Another way into an interior design career is to approach interior design companies to enquire about roles for assistant interior designers in London. There is considerable competition for jobs like these, so you will need a relevant qualification and/or experience to show prospective employers that you have the potential to succeed.

Once you are working as an interior designer in London , you will need to develop your skills and progress in your career through continuing professional development (CPD). This might include completing a higher qualification, attending trade fairs and joining professional organisations such as the Chartered Society of Designers or the British Institute of Interior Design. Membership of one or more professional bodies will provide you with access to opportunities for CPD.

As you progress in your career, you will need to build up a portfolio of work. A thorough and representative portfolio can help you to secure a promotion within your company and/or attract new clients if you are self-employed. It should include a variety of photographs, designs and sketches that showcase your unique style. Versatility is key to creating a good portfolio, even if you specialise in one type of interior design in London.

Interior design companies offers a challenging and rewarding career that draws upon your creativity. It is the perfect choice if you are practical, artistic and passionate about improving the function and appearance of interior spaces.

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